Stay away from my partner, Jolie warns Jennifer Aniston

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Angelina JolieHollywood actress Angelina Jolie has warned Jennifer Aniston to stay away from her partner Brad Pitt and has asked her to stop sending text messages to him.

According to, Jolie is apparently not very happy with Aniston still being close to Pitt. Reports claim that Jolie sent the messages from Pitt's mobile and signed off with the initials AJ.

There are reports that Aniston has been sending gifts to Pitt at his office in Los Angele. She is trying to stay close to her ex-husband just in case his relationship with Jolie doesn't work out.

"Jen is such a thoughtful person. She sends little gifts to his Plan B production offices in LA if she spots something he might like. And she'll send him daily motivators - quotes from self-help books she reads about staying positive. It must really lift his spirits," said a source close to them.