Katie Price attacked by drunken clubbers

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Katie Price_JordanFormer glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan came under the attack of a six-strong group of young men while she was partying at a club in Ibiza.

The drunken clubbers taunted Jordan, 31, a mother of three, after they forced their way into the VIP area at the club, and shouted at her “We love Pete!”. They chanted insults and threatened the star before being manhandled away by a team of bouncers.

"Jordan looked stunned and frightened. These blokes were shouting some unrepeatable things and trying to get at her,” the Daily Star quoted a witness as saying.

Jordan’s party blitz on Ibiza has left other Brits on the Spanish island directing abuse at her, with one hen-night group wearing “Team Pete” tops to get their message across.

She incited further fury after she was seen clubbing for the third night on June 21, wearing her most outrageous outfit yet, with her new man Anthony Lowther, 28, dressed as Tarzan to show off his bulging muscles.

The pair ended up being the subject of ridicule when they entered the Boho club. One girl started singing: “Who let the dogs out?” and another shouted within earshot of Jordan: “Ain’t you a bit old to be in that swimsuit, love?”