Keith Richards Still Carries Illegal Knife For Self Defence

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Keith Richards Still Carries Illegal Knife For Self Defence....

Rolling Stones star Keith Richards breaks the law by carrying a deadly knife everywhere he goes - as a means of self defence.

The 64-year-old guitarist has long been known to own a ratchet knife with a six-inch blade, and he still carries it tucked in his trousers.

Richards admits his knife has been a constant companion after he learnt how to use it on a trip to Jamaica.

He tells Blender magazine, "The actual cut doesn't hurt. All the blood comes down, and then you kick the f**ker in the balls. It's a very efficient way of dealing with problems.

"I learned it in Jamaica. I've always carried one".

Richards doesn't reveal any incidents in which he has used the knife - but by just carrying it in his native Britain he is breaking strict knife laws that prohibit blades longer than three inches from being carried in public.

The star was previously arrested for carrying the blade in the U.S. in 1975 when Arkansas traffic cops pulled over Richards and bandmate Ronnie Wood, and discovered the concealed weapon. The knife charges were later dropped.