Paris Hilton named the Bad Girl of the Decade

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It seems like it’s an unrelenting bad time for hotel heiress Paris Hilton, for days after a LA court sentenced her to 45 days in prison, she has been named the ‘Bad Girl of the Decade’ by Us

The magazine claims no one has been naughtier than her, and has cited her panty-less car exit in 2002 and ill advised sex ban as substantial testimonials for the title.

The magazine also said that Hilton, who was found guilty of driving on a banned license, has ‘walked the line between obscenity’ and lawlessness for a long time now, reports Us Weekly.

Meanwhile, the socialite, who recently claimed that she is the most iconic blonde of the decade’ and compared herself to actress Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana, has started petitioning California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to keep her out of the slammer.

If Hilton fails to report to jail on June 5, she will have to face 90 days behind bars.