Lindsay Lohan in 'Cocaine scandal'

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Lindsay Lohan's rehab seems to have failed attempts as pictures in today's News of the World show the actress binging on cocaine.

The photographs, taken on a wild night out in Lindsay's favourite Hollywood hang out Teddy's nightclub, show the Mean Girls star snort the drug and put some up her friend's nose as the girls cram into the club's toilets.

However the pictures only show a glimpse of that night's antics, according to the pal who leaked the images to the newspaper.

"That night I saw her do more than 20 big lines of cocaine. She was still up doing drugs at 11am even though she had started about 8pm the night before," the source revealed.

And Lindsay's drug-fuelled nights on the town often lead to more antics, including bragging about sleeping with some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors.

Jude Law, Jared Leto and Brit boys Calum Best and James Blunt are said to be some of the men that Lindsay brags to have pulled.

The 21-year-old actress checked into the Wonderland rehabilitation centre in Los Angeles in January for a 30-day treatment programme to deal with alcohol issues after she allegedly collapsed at a party after the Golden Globes award ceremony.

Yet the friend says the stint in rehab was all for show.

"Going to rehab was all for publicity. She wanted people to see her seeking help but it hasn't got her off the drugs at all."