Has Posh succemed to Tom's relegious advances?

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VICTORIA BECKHAM seems to be agreeing to learning more about the Scientology religion practised by friends TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES, sources suggest.

The wife of superstar footballer DAVID BECKHAM is reportedly keen to keep the Cruises on side after their friendship cooled following a lack of interest in the religion from the Beckhams.

But Posh is said to be giving in and told Tom and his wife that she will study the religion, after the Hollywood couple helped the Beckhams find their new £11 million mansion in LA, claims the Daily Mail.

A friend of Posh's told the paper: "Tom has made it clear their continued friendship depends on a commitment to Scientology.

"The way Tom sees it is that he has shown them a great deal of commitment during their move to LA."

However, the English couple's publicist told the paper that they would never become involved in the religion, with David apparently very sceptical and worried about the effect the religion would have on their three children.

The source added: "Victoria is agreeing to study more about Scientology - but at the moment David is less sure."