Jordan forces hubby to be pregnant too!

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English glamour model Jordan has forced her singer hubby Peter Andre to wear a fake stomach to make him realise what a woman goes through while she is pregnant.

Jordan, a.k.a. Katie Price, made Andre wear a 30lb “empathy belly” with false boobs and a bump, because she wanted him to “suffer” like she is with her third chid coming.

“I thought it would be funny to put Pete in one for a few hours. He immediately started complaining about backache, his breathing, everything!” The Sun quoted Jordan as saying.

However, Pete, who has a new tattoo of Jordan’s real name Katie on his ring finger, seemed to have realised the pains of pregnancy.

“I appreciate what she’s going through — it was awful,” Pete said.

Jordan, who is looking for a house in LA, also revealed that she is off sex for a while.

“I feel really gross and I’m knackered so the last thing I want to do is have sex,” she said.