Is Demi Moore pregnant?

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Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have previously confessed they want a child together and speculation is rife she is now expecting.

The actress' representative said: "If or when Demi is pregnant, she and her husband will decide if that extremely private information should be made public."

Ashton is holding a press conference on Friday to promote his new NBC show The Real Wedding Crashers but has already announced he will not answer any personal questions.

An email said: "Questions will be taken from in-person journalists as well as from press on the phone. Please do not ask Ashton Kutcher any 'personal' questions."

Demi, 44, said recently: "I most definitely want to have children with Ashton. Most definitely.

"Once you hit three, and you're outnumbered, it's really like, 'What's the difference between three or four or five?'

"For me, the most important thing that I've contributed is my children."

Ashton, 28, is close to his three step-daughters, Rumer, 18, Scout, 15, and Tallulah, 12, and has also expressed his desire to become a father.