Britney Spears Flaunts Her Figure

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by celine

Everyone knows there’s no better way for a star to show off their hot bod than to hit up an equally hot spot in Los Angeles. So where’d Britney Spears go to flaunt her perfect figure? INF Daily found her at Denny’s. Sure, the wait was long, but Brit got to sneak under the velvet ropes and cut to the front of the line. Talk about working the red (gray) carpet. Once inside, she threw off her sexy (plaid) shirt, put her feet up on the booth, and noshed on some classic celeb fare: Moons Over My Hammy.

Afterwards Spears and boyfriend Jason Trawick hit up the hottest after party spot in town: The Gas Station. Wait, we mean the gas station. No caps on that. We tease, but we also gotta give Brit props: she may still patronize grubby places, but you can’t tell from looking at her anymore. She’s in a dress the color of a traffic cone and she looks amazing. Hard to do.

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