US starlets are Bitchier than UK ones: Emma Watson

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Brit actress Emma Watson has revealed that she finds US starlets her age bitchier than the ones in UK.

Watson also said that life in Britain was totally different, and that a bitchy attitude was never tolerated there.

Gosh, I could never be that bitchy! I think that living in England, it’’s very disconnected from Hollywood, the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

There’’s a very different approach and attitude towards it. Acting in a starry way is just not tolerated. You will just have the piss taken out of you. People will just laugh at you, she said.

The 18-year-old Harry Potter star admitted that she enjoyed visiting California and loved to go there for work.

She, however, said that a permanent move was something she had not thought about as yet.

Never say never, but I can”t imagine it. I think that it’’s a wonderful lifestyle that you have here - the weather is amazing and everyone seems very healthy. It seems like a really nice place to live, she told AOL’’s

Obviously, if I had a film here or whatever, then that would be great. But I don”t really know a lot of people here, she added.