One more reason to hate Amy Winehouse!

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Here’s one more reason to pat your back for hating Amy Winehouse. I’m sure, after watching the above video, you won’t regret your decision for joining the Amy Winehouse Hate Club. If you are brave enough to sail through the 1m:40s video, you will notice that Amy is racing at full speed towards self-destruction. Well, I agree there is no dope party going on there, but for God’s sake, can anyone just tell me what the hell was that? I mean, all I can see is an under-nourished and under-clothed figure trying real hard to strike a balance between the guitar and the poison-filled cigarette!

The video clip hit YouTube recently and is enough to scare the hell out of one. I feel concerned for the girl who uploaded that vid. Going by the username of ‘neonhitch‘, the 21-year-old is an aspiring singer/songwriter. Can someone please tell her that this stuff is hazardous for her still-to-bloom career? I doubt this video can serve as an inspiration. The only practical use I can think of this video is that it can be used as a tool by the anti-drug campaigners to spread their message more clearly!