Amy Winehouse's Brawl With Taxi Driver

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Amy Winehouse fought with a taxi driver outside her London home on Tuesday (22Apr08) - after trying to exit the cab without paying the fare.

The Rehab singer took a cab home from a night out in Camden, North London, but when she arrived at her house, she realised she had forgotten her cash, keys - and was locked out.

The 24-year-old left the driver waiting for his money while she attempted to break into her house through the garage.

After 20 minutes, the frustrated taxi driver approached the star to ask for his $80 (£40) fare.

But Winehouse allegedly lashed out at the man, hurling a string of obscenities at him and attempting to strike him in front of the gathered paparazzi.

She eventually gave the driver a $40 (£20) note and he left. Waiting photographers, having witnessed the entire scene, pooled together and covered the rest of the bill.