Shetty blames 'LUNATIC FRINGE' for Gere kiss uproar

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Bollywood star SHILPA SHETTY has hit out at a "lunatic fringe" for the outraged reaction to her kiss with actor RICHARD GERE. A warrant was issued for Gere's arrest after he embraced the actress on television at an AIDS-awareness event in Delhi last month (Apr07), after complaints of "obscene behaviour". Gere has since apologised for the kiss, but Shetty insists the incident was blown out of proportion. She says, "The media tends to get slightly irresponsible at times but that's the price one has to pay for celebrity." The incident has provoked debate in India, where conservative attitudes contrast suggestive behaviour in Bollywood films. The judge who issued the warrant has been criticised by many, who claim the arrest order against Gere has no legal merit.