Paris Hilton's Aunt Offers Jail Advice

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Socialite Paris Hilton has been offered advice on how to cope with life in prison from her jailed aunt.

The hotel heiress has to report to Los Angeles' Century Regional Detention Center by 5 June (07) to start serving her sentence for violating her probation following her 2006 drink-driving arrest.

And the reality TV star has been offered advice from her aunt - her mother's half sister Elizabeth Avanzino - who recently completed her fifth stint in prison.

Avanzino says she wants to "lend a supportive role to Paris and let her realise everyone is capable of making mistakes".

She tells the New York Post, "I used to own an art gallery. Then I relapsed on alcohol, and I started to do other things.
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"I don't want anything from (the Hiltons). Paris does have a lot of issues, and I just want them to come up just to talk.

"She's a person, she makes mistakes, but I think this goes deeper. People need to know their roots.

"I have always admired her but never pursued her or my other half-niece (Nicky Hilton). I would love to get to know them."