Kim Kardashian Offers Posh Hollywood Advice

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Kim Kardashian Offers Posh Hollywood Advice.... Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian has signed up to offer Posh Spice Victoria Beckham advice on Los Angeles life in the pilot of the Brit's new US reality series.

The boutique owner and party girl, a former best pal of Paris Hilton, admits she was thrilled to be personally asked to take part in the show by Beckham - because she was a huge fan of the Spice Girls growing up.

She tells In Touch Weekly magazine, "She was always my favourite (Spice Girl)."

In the upcoming show's opening segment, Kardashian, who recently hit the headlines for her part in a sex tape, warns Los Angeles' new celebrity resident that "L.A. girls are really going to love (husband) David (Beckham)," so she better watch out! Kardashian reveals she was such a fan of Posh Spice, she used to dress up like her and always sings Spice Girls hits when she's performing karaoke.