Kelly Brook almost killed on set of new movie

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Kelly Brook Almost Killed On Set Of New Movie.... British actress Kelly Brook almost drowned while filming scenes for her latest movie Fishtales, after hitting her head on a rock.

The Smallville star plays Neried in the film, a feisty mermaid who falls in love with an Oxford-professor, played by her real-life fiance Billy Zane.

But while shooting one scene off the Greek island of Spetses, Brook sustained a minor head injury and struggled for air as her legs were strapped into her mermaid costume.

She says, "I held my breath as long as I could under water, then shot up and smacked my head on a huge Grecian column which was supposed to be part of a temple set.

"I suppose I panicked for a moment because my legs were trapped in the mermaid's fins and tail - the costume was stuck on and I was thrown into the sea with my legs strapped together.

"It was quite a bang on the head. I was dazed and saw stars and there was no way I could climb out on my own. Luckily some divers rescued me, but it was very painful and quite a shock."