Beyoncé Knowles' pork diet

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Beyoncé Knowles ate pork scratchings when she was on a diet.

The singer-and-actress, who had to lose weight for her role in 'Dreamgirls', substituted her cravings for chocolate and chips with low-carb pig skins.

Beyoncé told Cosmopolitan magazine: "It is so tempting on film sets. They have these tables with every kind of chocolates, every type of bread - doughnuts, rolls and even cake.

"I'd just eat pork skins because that's the closest thing to chips that I could eat.

"I run and do press-ups to try and stay in shape, but I can't resist chocolate."
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The former Destiny's Child singer also admitted she finds her healthy diet boring.

She said: "I eat a lot of boring things like green vegetables. I don't eat red meat or bread and I don't drink alcohol - I just don't like the taste.

"I also do a lot of dancing which I think is the best exercise."