Kelly Brooks's Big Bust is a Novelty in Hollywood

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British actress/model Kelly Brook knows exactly why people in the US are so fascinated by her natural assets.

The actress claimed that the reason behind why people admire her large natural breasts is not about the size, but because many people in Los Angeles have fake boobs so they like to watch her true ones.

"My breasts are a bit of a novelty in California," Hollywoodrag quoted Brooks, as telling FHM magazine.

Brook, whose recent modelling work for Triumph Bras caused quite a stir because of specially commissioned 50-foot high billboards of her bust, not just has her real breasts to be proud of but also her white teeth.

"And they go mad for my teeth as well. None of them can believe someone from England can have white teeth," she said.

The 'Smallville' star, who has a home in Hollywood which she shares with her fiancé actor Billy Zane, says that the two like spending time in the tinsletown, but prefer to spend much of their time at their home in the English countryside.

It seems when it comes to comparing U.S. and U.K., for Brooks everything from best food to best bust is available in U.K.

"We went to a barbecue at producer Lawrence Bender's place and everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sylvester Stallone was there. A Hollywood barbecue is nothing like an English one. There's no burnt burgers!," the actress said