Bodyguard to reveal Anna Nicole’s secrets

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Anna Nicole Smith’s bodyguard is all set to write a book about his companionship with the late model.

Moe Brighthaupt, who served as Smith’s bodyguard from 2003 until her death, has finalized a book deal with Harper Entertainment in America.

According to sources, the book will dwell upon Smith’s extensive drug use, and her acute depression after her son’s death.

Meanwhile US cops investigating Smith’s death recently ruled out that she was murdered, saying that her death was a result of an accidental drug overdose.

A spokesman for the police, Charlie Tiger, said in Seminole, Florida, that the analysis of the laptop of Anna Nicole’s partner Howard K. Stern did not furnish any evidence of play theory.

Coroner Dr. Joshua Perper said that the late model’s blood test revealed the presence of nine prescription drugs, including three for depression.