Anna Nicole-Smith Saga Continues

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The mystery of Anna Nicole Smith’s untimely death may be solved soon. Somewhere in this world, there exists a guy who knows what killed the Playboy playmate on February 8th, 2007. But that someone won’t be kissing and telling for at least another one week.

The office of Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper said Wednesday that the doctor has determined the cause of Smith’s death but will not be releasing his report until Florida police have completed their own investigation into the matter - which could take anywhere from one to several more weeks.

Perper was the one who autopsied Anna Nicole, and was one of the key proponents of having her body embalmed sooner rather than later. Perper said he wants to make sure his findings have no bearing on the police investigation.

The blonde bombshell was found unconscious in her room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on February 8th; and hours later, proclaimed dead. The death certificate issued by Perper last Wednesday lists the cause of death as pending.

The cause of death could be anything from pneumonia to lupus to methadone use to any number of fatal drug cocktails. According to pathologist Cyril Wecht (who autopsied Anna’s son Daniel), one can rule out methadone (which was found in Daniel’s body). However he does not rule out use of other drugs.

Wecht said:

It is possible that there may have been other drugs involved, any combination she was taking, she was ill.

Celebrity-dirt site reported on Tuesday that Anna’s bodyguard Big Moe, told the Seminole Police Department that Smith was on “heavy doses” of prescription drugs and antibiotics the day she died.

The National Enquirer reported a week ago that Smith was suffering from a severe case of pneumonia when she died.

When will all this end? Anna Nicole once posed as the illustrious Marilyn Monroe. Now, in death, she really is turning into her.