Anna Nicole Smith E-Mail Said 'I Want To Die!'

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NEW YORK (March 22) - In an e-mail sent after the death of her son, Daniel, Anna Nicole Smith said that she wanted to die.

According to a report from "Entertainment Tonight," Smith's friends say they received an e-mail dated Oct. 8, 2006, that said, "I just wish I could be going thru good times now. I miss him. I want to die!"

Sources tell the entertainment show that Smith's companion, Howard K Stern, has cooperated with authorities and has given them permission to look at a computer, which they are examining.

The cause of the model's death has not yet been announced by the Florida Medical Examiner's office.

The medical examiner's findings have been delayed because of additional evidence.

CBS News has learned that the results of the autopsy could be announced early next week.

On Feb. 9, investigators said that they found prescription medicines but no illegal drugs in Smith's hotel room.

The medical examiner ruled out any types of physical injury such as gunshot wound, asphyxiation or blunt trauma on the body.

Meanwhile, the paternity suit involving Smith's infant daughter continues. On Tuesday a Bahamian judge ordered that a DNA test be performed on Dannielynn to identify her father.

Source:AOL Entertainment