Pete Doherty Caught Taking Drugs Again

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Doherty Caught Taking Drugs Again.

Troubled rocker PETE DOHERTY has been filmed taking drugs again - just a month after a judge claimed he was "optimistic" the singer would battle his substance addiction.

The BABYSHAMBLES star was caught on a pal's mobile phone snorting drugs thought to be a mixture of cocaine and horse tranquilliser ketamine.

In the footage, friends can be heard warning Doherty: "You're doing them too big, Pete. It's dangerous - you need to calm down a bit, man."

Just last month (JAN07) District Judge Jane McIvor praised Doherty for battling his substance problems after the singer attended a review of his drug rehabilitation progress.

A friend of the star tells British newspaper The People, "Pete was snorting drugs like tomorrow. He was laughing about doing huge lines of the stuff and did not seem to worry he's meant to be kicking his habit.

"To think that the judge praised him for making an effort when all the time he's getting out of his mind is a joke."

It's not the first time the CAN'T STAND ME NOW hitmaker has been filmed taking illegal substances - he was caught in Thailand last month (JAN07) taking cocaine.