Britney Spears' 24-Hour, X-Rated Vegas Party Crawl

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From a gay-porn party of X-rated males to the sex-driven Zumanity show, it's a 24-hour, nonstop festival of flesh for pop queen Britney Spears on her current Vegas carnival ride!

She's not "falling asleep" on this trip to Sin City as she allegedly did 14-days-ago when she was carried out of the PURE nightclub in Caesars Palace after her midnight countdown on New Years Eve. Early this morning she was back at PURE and partying like a trooper after back-to-back nights on the town!

Luxe Life has her jam-packed weekend pleasure schedule:

12AM Sunday: On a spur-of-the-moment decision, Britney roars into Vegas and she drops in unexpectedly at the Rio for Prince's midnight show. She arrives with a partying posse of 20 friends, including her new beaufriend, Isaac Cohen, a model/actor who could be mistaken as a semi lookalike for her former hubby Kevin Federline.

2AM Sunday: Britney leads her group, including her male dancers, into the gay nightclub 8 1/2 for the shocking and scandalous out-of-control HustlaBall, the official gay after-party of the Adult Video Sexpo, which ended its 4-day Vegas convention on Saturday night. (Click here for our photo reports of the AVN Awards and the AVN Sexpo) "Its just an out and out sex and alcohol and stimulant party and nobody would ever imagine a pop star showing up and getting in the middle of this. Its too unbelievable for words," I was told.

Britney's fans will be shocked that the pop star even visited HustlaBall, let alone that she was dancing and smoking non-stop in the darkened gay club. HustlaBall describes itself as "a world of hustlers, hookers, pimps, streetwalkers, porn stars and other scandalous sorts!" The Piranha gay complex where 8 1/2 is located is on the so-called Fruit Loop along Paradise between the airport and the Hard Rock, behind the Strip's east-side .

3AM Sunday: Britney decides its time to move on from her 3rd consecutive night of gay-club partying. As Luxe Life reported late yesterday Britney hit two West Hollywood gay clubs on Thursday and Friday nights.

Pre-dawn Sunday: Britney checks into the $40,000-a-night, Hugh Hefner penthouse suite at the Palms Fantasy Tower to re-charge her batteries, but by Sunday afternoon she's restless for another night crawl.

9PM Sunday: Britney readies for another night on the town and leaves the Palms for dinner at Social House in Treasure Island. This is where she reportedly consumed several sake shots on New Years Eve.

10:30PM Sunday: Britney and her posse decided to see Cirque du Soleil's sexy, push the erotic edge of the exotic envelope Zumanity (pictured below) at the New York-New York resort casino.(Click here for our Luxe Life coverage of the show and our edgy audio interview with emcee Joey Arias)

12:30AM Monday: Britney decides this morning that the night is still young and her next stop is the wild Coyote Ugly Bar in NY-NY. This is where the Coyote cocktail servers dance on the bar and pour shots directly into customer's throats and encouraging the girls to join them for the bar-top gyrations. Luxe Life confirmed that Brit was pulled up and danced on top of the bar, and encouraged others to do the same!!!

1:15AM Monday: No letting up now on this morning's schedule and Britney heads for PURE nightclub where she has the same VIP cabana bed she passed out on January 1 at 12:50AM!! So at least she's awake longer this time around!!

4:15AM Monday: Britney and posse close down PURE.

5AM Monday: Britney arrives back at the Palms.

For now nobody knows when or where it will end. For Britney it is, "Whatever she feels like doing, whenever she feels like doing it," I was told. "She's in control of the ride and just makes up her mind as she goes along. It's all pretty spontaneous" Nobody knows how long she's staying in Vegas or what else she'll be doing here. Luxe Life will continue to follow Britney's wild-child party schedule in Vegas as the breaking news and updates continue!