Britney Spear Panty less again!

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Britney Spears must be feeling so lonely that she could not stop herself from having a conversation with estranged hubby Kevin Federline.

Federline called to wish his sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, a Merry Christmas, but Brit, could not control her emotions that she burst out in tears and told Kevin how much she missed him.

A source told Life & Style,

She told Kevin the holidays were hard and talking to him made things harder because she missed him.

She was depressed over the holidays. At first, it was liberating for her to be free and single. But now she’s in this big new house in Beverly Hills, and it’s really lonely.

She invites girlfriends over, and her mom and sister spend a lot of time there, but, at the end of the day, it’s just Britney and her babies.

When she first separated from Kev, she partied like crazy to numb the pain. Now the hurt is catching up with her.

Can you believe that Britney partied like crazy to avoid the pain of separation from Kevin? Gosh! This sounds so stupid. Mum of two sons was very busy partying with party animal Hilton, with whom Brit even forgot to put on her panties.

And Brit was once again panty-less on New Years Eve at Pure Nightclub. Oops! Britney did it again and again!