Actress Angelina Jolie believes that adoptive parents prove better when it comes to raising a child than biological ones, because they have to pass through several stringent tests before qualifying to bring a child into their home.

Jolie's background and personality was thoroughly scrutinised before being granted permission to adopt Maddox, five, and Zahara,one.

But when she gave birth to baby girl Shiloh Nouvel earlier this year (06), she didn't have to prove her suitability as a mother to anyone.

"It should be hard to be a parent period. I go through many things to adopt. I'm finger-printed, I'm checked, I go through home studies. I have to prove I'm a decent citizen; a good human being," Contactmusic quoted her, as saying.

"That didn't happen to me when I gave birth, so it's interesting that there's no background check when you bring a child into your home in that way," she added.

Jolie shares the custody of her two adopted kids with actor Brad Pitt, who is also the father of her infant daughter Shiloh.

Meanwhile, the Girl Interrupted actress has laughed off rumours that she's pregnant again, telling Good Morning America that she's on the pill because she and partner Brad Pitt intend to adopt more children in the future.