Cameron Diaz loves women

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Cameron Diaz says she's fine with lesbians making passes at her.

The newly brunette star of The Holiday spoke to gay mag The Advocate about her adoration for females.

"I love women," Justin Timberlake's sexy girlfriend said. "I think they're amazing and beautiful."
And Cam even revealed that Baywatch bombshell Pamela Anderson was her first "major girl-crush".

In fact, Cameron added, she still fancies Pam a bit, since she's "as hot as ever".
And even though she's been dating SexyBack hunk Justin for about four years now, Cameron said some people might not even be surprised if she had to tell them now that she was actually a lesbian.

One of her best gal pals, Charlie's Angels co-star Drew Barrymore, won't be taken aback by Cam coming out of the closet. Cam expects her to simply say, "Duh!"
The sensual actress isn't one to