Britney Spears Gift Giving Guide

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Dear Y’all,
Well, all you gals and guys out there, y’all know what time of the year it is right? Shoot, it’s the Holidays! So round up them kiddies and get your butts to the mall for a little bit of seasonal shopping. I just thought I’d help ya’ll with a few tips that I’ve picked up over the years. I reckon it’s a bit late to be getting your gifts, but if you’ve put it off, then let Aunt Brit Brit help you. Let’s start with the young’uns. If they are really small, you could always get their ears pierced. It looks so cute on their teeny, weeny ears. Trucker hats also look very fetchin’ on the little people. Or maybe a shirt that says Future MILF or Future MILF Lover. You want your kids to grow up attractive right? If the child you’re buying for is older, than of course my CDs make perfect gifts. The girls love the music, and the boys love to look at the pictures of me! Now on to the adults. I recommend my fragrance line for the ladies. Both Curious and Fantasy are excellent buys, sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives them. The men are easy. Anything auto-mechanical is sure to be loved by the man in your life. (In my experience, they like Ferraris with personalized rims. It shows them you care.) Well darnit, that’s all the advice that I have for you. My brain isfried! Time to party! If any of you were wondering what to get me, I need a new BFF. And a few more pairs of panties.

Brit Brit